Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why does breastfeeding always come with guilt?

I was scrolling through twitter when I came across a post I just had to click on:

In her post "Caz, the Mojito Mother " explores her emotions and guilt associated with breastfeeding and finding her baby prefers formula from a bottle over breastfeeding. Feeling like there is something wrong with your milk supply or even the taste. It's such an honest and beautiful post I recommend you jump over and read it. 

A lot of her words remind me of my own journey. How I went through the gamut of anger, guilt, resentment, pity, joy, happy, satisfaction.

The odd thing is you can logically know certain facts but even if you're a logical, intelligent person the hormones of a mother are overpowering and you're left feeling overly emotional and perhaps even guilty over how things are going.

I worry about my sister, soon to be first time mom, and I want her journey to go smoothly. I was lucky, I never had any troubles with the mechanics of breastfeeding, never had mastitis. My only problem was not producing enough milk and not wanting to take the leap into getting my boys to put the demand on my body to make enough. My wish for my sister is that her journey will go how she wants it to go.

The ironic thing is how intense your emotions can be during such a short period of time. In the moment it feels like perhaps the world could end, like everything is riding on the next hour of your life. But now? Now those handful of months are a memory. Luckily the good overshadows the stress and I'm happy with where we are.

But being in the moment, feeling those intense emotions, especially guilt, is so, so difficult.

Why is it that the package of breastfeeding always comes wrapped in a bow of guilt? 


  1. wow! What a great post and thank you for sharing and talking about my one.

    Mother's guilt is something I think we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It's a shame that we place so much upon ourselves, but we know our babies are so reliant upon us for everything and we love them do deeply that we worry we can never be enough for them.

    Since going on the bottle, Savannah has been so happy and content and so for that I am grateful and feel so much better.

  2. I am a huge advocate for brestfeeding but I am an even bigger advocate for FEEDING our babies. Happy babies lead to happy mums, so even if your preferred method of feeding hasn't worked out I think all mums need to shed the mother guilt & know that they are doing the best job possible.
    I think regardless of the feeding method mums choose or have chosen for them by the baby they need to be supported every step of the way.

  3. Well said Sara! It's amazing how much guilt and regret women feel and even have placed on them by others over how their journey goes.